1. Archaeology Days
    A fun event designed for children to learn how archaeology helps us better understand the pre- colonial inhabitants of the Americas. Children will excavate, measure, and learn about the material culture of the Chumash. 12- 4 pm. Free with admission and including a craft.
    July 2017
  2. SCE Season of Volunteering
    Join Southern California Edison and the Native American Alliance as we rehab our Chumash Village. Volunteers will help thatch the traditional dwellings out at the village as well as rehabilitating the sweat lodge. For more information....
    August 2017
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  1. Speaker Series
    Dr. Timothy Henry will discuss his research on the Mitsqanaqa'n (Ventureno) Chumash language. Dr. Henry is a lecturer of linguistics at California State University, Fullerton.
    August 2017
  2. Speaker Series
    Dr. Jan Timbrook will discuss her extensive work on Chumash ethnobotany. Dr. Timbrook is the curator of ethnography at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History.
    September 2017
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