Upcoming Events

  1. Dr E.C. Krupp Talk
    7PM At the Conejo Recreation & Parks District headquarters, Join us as Dr. Krupp discusses celestial symbolism and its connection to the stories and ceremonies that framed the lives of indigenous Californian's. Admission: $5 Adults, $3 Seniors/Students
  2. Speaker Series: Heidi Lucero
    7PM, Free Admission. Heidi Lucero is an Indigenous Anthropologist and a descendant of Acjachemen and Mutsun Ohlone tribes of California. She will be discussing the revitalization of California Indian face tattooing. With her work, she hopes to help bring back cultural traditions that have been nearly lost and to return this information to the tribes that are in need of this information for retaining cultural heritage and continuity.
  3. Ethnobotany Day
    11-3pm Learn about traditional plant knowledge and customs of Chumash People, featuring talks, demonstrations, and crafts. Included with museum admission: $5 adults, $3 seniors, child students W/ ID.
Event Flyer
 Event Flyer

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